2. Symptom Of Corona Virus.

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The disease of corona virus is popularly known as COVID19 is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered virus called coronavirus.

The disease is spread by droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it is important that when you coughs or sneezes you flexed your elbow to prevent the droplets from spreading. Alternatively you must wear face mask so that when others near you sneezes or coughs the droplets or or discharges cannot get into our body.

The virus go into our body through either nose or mouth by inhaling the droplets or rubbing our face.Hence, it I advised not to rub our face often.

The virus first attacks the cells lining of our throat, airways and lungs and multiply there forming huge numbers of new viruses that go on infecting more cells. Initially you did not fall sick and some people did not develop any symptoms immediately. The symptoms will be felt in 1 to 14 days and on an average of five days.

The symptoms of coronavirus or covid19 are as follows:-

a) Dry throat,

b) Dry cough,

c) Itching in the throat,

d)High temperature (more than 39 degree centigrade) and

e) Shortness of breath.

If you have the above symptoms, you have to stay at home until you have recovered, You need to:-

a) Sleep and rest,

b) Drink a lot of water,

c) Keep yourselves warm and

d) Use room humidifier or take hot shower to ease sore throats and coughs.