NAME: Sukiman Bin Kasmin,

ADDRSSS: 18(1st Floor) Jalan Haji Manan, 86000 Kluang ,Johor, Malaysia.

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: Diploma In Urban Land Economic, University Of British Columbia, CANADA.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: Member of Institution Of Surveyors Malaysia, Registered Estate Agent and Licensed Auctioneer (Johor State)


I started my career on November 7, 1970, after completed my Higher School Certificate and moved away from my hometown at Banting, Selangor to Kluang, Johor to take up a post of Assistant Valuation Officer at Kluang local authority. At that time the local authority is known as Kluang Town Council governed the Kluang town and smaller towns surrounding it such as Kahang, Paloh, Chamek and Sri Lalang are governed by their respective Local Councils. These local authorities run on their own individually. These Councils were merged together to form North Kluang District Council on January 1,1977 and on May 8,2001 it was elevated into Kluang Municipal Council.

Currently I am a Government retirery and start taking affiliate marketing to occupy my time.GOD Bless that I will be successful.

A review on disease of corona or Covid19 is chosen as it is a world pandemic causing hardship to all and it will cased recession throughout the world.

2. Symptom Of Corona Virus.

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The disease of corona virus is popularly known as COVID19 is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered virus called coronavirus.

The disease is spread by droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Therefore, it is important that when you coughs or sneezes you flexed your elbow to prevent the droplets from spreading. Alternatively you must wear face mask so that when others near you sneezes or coughs the droplets or or discharges cannot get into our body.

The virus go into our body through either nose or mouth by inhaling the droplets or rubbing our face.Hence, it I advised not to rub our face often.

The virus first attacks the cells lining of our throat, airways and lungs and multiply there forming huge numbers of new viruses that go on infecting more cells. Initially you did not fall sick and some people did not develop any symptoms immediately. The symptoms will be felt in 1 to 14 days and on an average of five days.

The symptoms of coronavirus or covid19 are as follows:-

a) Dry throat,

b) Dry cough,

c) Itching in the throat,

d)High temperature (more than 39 degree centigrade) and

e) Shortness of breath.

If you have the above symptoms, you have to stay at home until you have recovered, You need to:-

a) Sleep and rest,

b) Drink a lot of water,

c) Keep yourselves warm and

d) Use room humidifier or take hot shower to ease sore throats and coughs.

3. Covid19 cure.


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There are no vaccines or treatments so far which can cure coronavirus. The older people especially those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are more likely to suffer from coronavirus attack. But the young normally have strong resistant and can stand with the attack.

The life of the virus varies for 1 to 14 days but mostly for 5 days.

When you are very sick, supportive treatments as below have to be given by

a doctor at a hospital.


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a) Fluids to reduce the risk of dehydration,

b) Medication to reduce a fever and

c) Supplemental oxygen or respirator in more severe cases

4. How To Avoid Covid19.

To be saved, we have to prepare ourselves against the coronavirus  infection. We have to take higher alkaline food than the pH level of the virus at 5.5 to 8.5.Some of the higher alkaline food  are as follows:-

a) Lemon 9.9pH,b) Lime 8.2ph,

c) Avocado 15.6 pH,

d) Garlic 13.2 pH,

e) Mango 8.7 pH,

f) Tangerine 8.5 pH,

g) Pineapple 12.7 pH,

h) Apply sanitizer to  your article just received where necessary.                          

 Other measures are as follows:-

a) Maintain a distance of 1.0 meter minimum to another person,

b)Take a lot of water,

c) Take paracetamol if you are fever with temperature of 38 degree centigrade and above,

d) Wash hands often and then sanitized,

e) Practice a good healthy personal hygiene,

f) Not to touch your face often as the virus can go into the body through our nose and mouth,

g) Sanitized your bed linen and cloths frequently by washing and clean your bathroom with recommended sanitizer,

h)Take good rest at home and

i) Wear glove and best coronavirus mask

5. The Best Corona Virus Mask.

50 pcs @ RM15.90 (After disc.77%)

Wearing face mask is recommended to prevent from getting corona virus attack. The mask is a disposable mask as above or surgical mask as below which can prevent infection from your own hands rubbing your own face or droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person.


The masks can be purchased from the pharmacists and it is of an international standard as approved by FDA, NIOSH and OSHA. These masks have been tested on its bacteria filtration efficiency in vitro (BFE), particles Filtration Efficiency, breathing resistance. https://www.lazada.com.my/products/anti-saliva-transparent-hat-shield-full-face-protective-mask-i908978306-s2258538374.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlistbrand.list.3.3e009f3de1rY8y&search=1tance, splash resistance and flammability.


FDA,is Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one of the United States federal executive departments,

NIOSH is National Institute Of Occupational Safety and Health,the United States Federal Agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and ills.NIOSH is part of the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) within the U. S Department of Health and Human Services and

OSHA is The Occupational Safety and Health Administration who is responsible for protecting workers’ health and safety in the United States

6.Conclusion And Disclaimer

The disease of corona virus which started from Wuhan, China in December 2019 cannot be take lightly. It has spread throughout the world widely. The spread from infected person to another is by droplets of saliva discharged from nose of the infected person when he or she coughs or sneezes or you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face. These droplets fall on other person nearby or from your hands when you touched your face after touching contaminated surfaces with virus. The virus then infected the cells lining of the throat, airways and lung. As the spread is so fast, the Malaysian Government enforced Movement Restriction Order where almost all Government and private offices and businesses except essential services as banks, utility offices, supermarket and provision shops and petrol station to close beginning from March 18,2020, and ordered all to stay at homes at full pay for Government Servant and no public gatherings. Currently the order is still running.Staying at home is very BORING!!!. So you have to take up something as home as cycling or jogging to occupy your time and keep fit.



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7. Disclaimer.

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