4. How To Avoid Covid19.

To be saved, we have to prepare ourselves against the coronavirus  infection. We have to take higher alkaline food than the pH level of the virus at 5.5 to 8.5.Some of the higher alkaline food  are as follows:-

a) Lemon 9.9pH,b) Lime 8.2ph,

c) Avocado 15.6 pH,

d) Garlic 13.2 pH,

e) Mango 8.7 pH,

f) Tangerine 8.5 pH,

g) Pineapple 12.7 pH,

h) Apply sanitizer to  your article just received where necessary.                          

 Other measures are as follows:-

a) Maintain a distance of 1.0 meter minimum to another person,

b)Take a lot of water,

c) Take paracetamol if you are fever with temperature of 38 degree centigrade and above,

d) Wash hands often and then sanitized,

e) Practice a good healthy personal hygiene,

f) Not to touch your face often as the virus can go into the body through our nose and mouth,

g) Sanitized your bed linen and cloths frequently by washing and clean your bathroom with recommended sanitizer,

h)Take good rest at home and

i) Wear glove and best coronavirus mask

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